Is your team having fun at work?

The other day I was shooting a video at a local barbershop when the craziest thing happened.

The owner and the barbers broke into a song and dance routine, as you can see in the accompanying photo.


It was as though I just stepped into a Broadway musical. I couldn’t resist busting a move.

The performance was much more than your average “flash mob”.

This was a full scale sing off, with call and response, as the barbers continued to clip hair.  (We made a quickie video that you can enjoy by clicking here to visit the B2BFlorida Facebook page, and while you’re there please click “Like”)

Even the customers got into the groove. The song was about the barbershop, the neighborhood and life in general.

Everybody had a blast!

When is the last time you and your employees had fun at work?

Sure, it’s easy to shrug and say, “It’s work. It’s not supposed to be fun.”

But seriously, “fun” makes good business sense that can benefit the balance sheet.

For one thing, the customers who were in the barbershop when the singing broke out left with huge smiles on their faces.

The whole shop had a positive, welcoming vibe.

The upbeat attitude increases productivity, and I’m confident it had a positive effect on tips, too.

Do you think the customers told their friends what happened during their haircut?

Do you think those customers will be back?

You already know the answer to both of those questions.

All the barbers had fun kicking it for a few minutes. Just a little bit of fun makes the day seem a little shorter.

Fun helps to retain valued employees. Having to recruit and hire new team members is a hassle. And it’s costly too.

You may not be musically inclined, but if you think about it there are creative ways you can infuse some fun in your workplace with everything from ice cream parties to trivia contests.

Let us know what ideas you came up with.


This post was written by David who is a principal at David Porter Communications, an Orlando firm that assists small businesses with writing, video production, social-media management and marketing. The firm publishes www.SunRailRiders.com; www.LynxedTogether.com, www.B2BFlorida.com